Traditional Energy

Traditional energy sources are expensive and generate great amounts of Co2. Besides this, they are unpractical as they are produced
in one place and have to travel thousands of miles to reach your home. This generates costs and contamination in each part of the process.

EcoCentro Photovoltaic Solutions

EcoCentro´s photovoltaic solutions investment simplifies this process using the biggest
energy source known to man: the sun. Besides, energy flows directly from your rooftop to your home without generating a single contaminant.

How does your EcoCentro
Photovoltaic Investment work?

EcoCentro´s solar panels capture the energy from the sun through an inverter or microinverter and a bidirectional meter. Such energy is distributed to your home.

Solar Panels

Solar panels capture
energy from the sun.


Converts CD to CA.

Bidirectional Meter

The bidirectional meter measures
the electricity you purchase
as well as the one produced.


Now you can use the energy
from the sun that your
panels have captured.

Where do I start?

EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investment installation is not complicated and be sure we handle every part of the process so you can enjoy asap of the great savings and benefits this technology has to offer.

You won't even know it is there
until you receive your first energy bill

Steps to obtain your
EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investment.


Specialized Consultancy.

An EcoCentro professional will make an appointment to visit your home and will analyze which kind of installation is most adequate for your needs.


Design and Installation.

We design an adequate proposal for your home or business.


Monitoring and maintenance.

We do not limit ourselves to the sale. We care about your equipment performance at its maximum capacity; therefore, we will always be available to attend any doubt, monitor its performance or provide maintenance service as soon as it’s required.

Begin now and reinvent the future of our planet.

Estimate your EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investment