About EcoCentro

The planet is suffering climate changes generated by the emission of contaminant particles released into the atmosphere. Facing this situation, we have to take an active action to revert this problem.

Thus, EcoCentrois born. A company which provides assessment, implementation, and maintenance of professional solutions which work as of renewable energies at home, commerce, or industry helping to make a positive change in the environment.


We are a Mexican company committed on preserving our environment. Therefore, we offer solutions which, through renewable energies, help solve the problems our environment is facing.


We want to draw more people closer to the use of renewable energies. Therefore, our objective is to strenghthen our position within the Mexican market, generating a considerable impact in environment improvement and society’s economy.

Our Products

At EcoCentro you will find products that combine great quality and efficiency which will make your EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investment have the best performance and generate considerable savings in your energy bill.

The products you will find with us are: solar panels, inverters, monitoring systems, amongst others.

Besides, we have leasing and financing services, which will allow you to own an EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investment without affecting your economy.

Solar Panels

The panels that EcoCentro puts within your reach have been carefully selected to offer only the best of solar industry. These have a warranty product, workforce and product replacement in case of any malfunction. Without a doubt, we will put at your disposition the panel which best adapts your requirements.


The inverters we provide, assure a high quality efficiency in the running of your installation. We have a variety of products which allows us to have the adequate inverter for every installation.


Just as we offer the main products to attain a EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investment, we offer as well, all of the complements that will help your correct installation as well as the durability of the system.


In EcoCentro we provide you with Tigo, a product that will allow you to reinforce your photovoltaic installations in addition to real time monitoring the exact condition of your installation and knowing the energy power in which each module is working.

Assembly Systems

The assembly systems we use are made of anodized aluminum, an all-weather resistant material that requires no maintenance. Besides, they are adjustable, allowing inclinations according to every installation´s requirements.

*Product shipping prices may vary depending on the place of the country to which they are sent.

Our Services

Among the services EcoCentro offers are the following: engineering, installation, maintenance and integrated management photovoltaic solutions. All of these services are conducted by highly trained professionals enabling us to provide quality solutions.

We also have leasing and financial services which allows having a EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investment without affecting your economy.


Our engineers have the complete knowledge to understand the particularities of your photovoltaic investment, allowing you to know the exact cost of it as well as the return on investment.


We have the support of highly qualified technicians. They will be in charge of carring out a quality installation which generates the greatest amount of watts for many years.


In order to assure the máximum performance of your EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investment, we have a maintenance team which will inspect the correct operation of your solar panels in addition to performing scheduled cleaning services.


It is our wish to bring more people closer to this technology. Therefore, we offer financial services through Exel Capital and Fide.

Distribution Centre and Coverage

Our branch offices are located in Merida, but no matter in which place of Mexico you are, we are able to install EcoCentro Photovoltaic Investments throughout the country.

Merida, Yucatan.

Calle 32 No. 394 entre 31 y 33
Fraccionamiento Montebello.
C.P. 97113.
Phone: (999) 944-46-87.

Campeche, Campeche.

Av. José López Portillo No. 103, local 6.
Col. San Antonio.
Campeche, Campeche CP. 24090
Phone: (981) 811-6065

Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio MZ-07 L01 SM 306
entre Alfredo V. Bonfil CP. 77560
Phone: (998) 688-6306


It is our wish to bring more people closer to this technology, offering financing through Exel Capital and through Financiamiento Fide.

Financing through Exel Capital with the following advantages for you:

• Covers up to 100% of the equipment value (does not include labour and installation).
• Up to 36-month financing.
• Interest rate from 15% per annum and an opening fee of 1%.

Financing through Fide.

Project funding will be reimbursed by the user in a maximum of 24 equal quarterly installments (6 years).