Are you considering installing a photovoltaic system?
On what factors does Solar Panels performance depend on?

Climatic and environmental conditions, such as high temperatures; The correct orientation and inclination of the panels, the correct electrical installation and the technology used for the manufacture of a solar panel are the main factors that determine a low or high performance of these devices.

Do Solar Panels still work when it gets cloudy or it rains?

When it gets cloudy photovoltaic systems are still generating a small amount of energy. When it rains, no power is generated.

Can Solar Cells be damaged if it hails?

Our certified solar panels are not damaged because they are made of tempered glass and were tested for resistance to ensure their endurance.

What happens if a hurricane comes?

Certified mounting systems can withstand wind speeds of up to 177km/h which is equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane, however it is always advised to disconnect the photovoltaic system and disassemble all solar panels as wind-lifted debris can hit a solar panel with the risk of being damaged.

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