Are you considering installing a photovoltaic system?
If the CFE's power goes out, could I still have electricity with solar panels?

No, since there is no electrical grid to which the inverter is attached, it does not operate until it detects the grid. It should be noted that certified inverters have “anti-island” protection, which provides protection to personnel operating during repair or maintenance work on distribution networks against an injection of energy from photovoltaic systems interconectados.

If I install Solar Panels, do I have to pay CFE?

No. When installing solar panels, a payment should not be made to CFE however if various procedures are made of which EcoCentro is made cargo.

¿Dejo de pagarle a CFE si llegara a instalar paneles solares en mi casa?

No, a CFE interconnected system, bi-monthly fixed charges, such as the right to street lighting (DAP), apply, so the receipt can never be $0 MN.

Is it true that CFE is going to pay me for electricity?

No. Depending on the type of CFE contract you will pay for the surpluses generated by your PV system at the end of t

Do I have to do any paperwork with CFE?

Yes, when installing a photovoltaic system, various procedures must be carried out. Don’t worry, EcoCentro teams handles out all the paperwork for you.

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