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How many Solar Panels does a normal INFONAVIT house need?

It is not possible to predict a number since the number of solar panels is determined by the electrical consumption of the property and not on the size of a house or business.

Is the fact of installing Solar Panels synonymous with turning on the Air Conditioning 24/7?

No. The system was sized to cover a certain percentage of your electricity consumption. If energy consumption increases, the savings will not be noticeable.   In case this is your objective, we recommend talking to your EcoCentro Photovoltaic Advisor about your plans to achieve the correct dimensioning of your photovoltaic system.

Can Solar Panels only be used for my Air Conditioners?

An isolated or autonomous system (with batteries) can be dimensioned to cover a determined consumption of energy, it must be taken into account that the greater the electrical consumption, the greater the number of batteries.  

In an interconnected system, the solar panels will inject energy into the entire electrical circuit where the meter is connected, this means that the energy generated by the panels is distributed in all the appliances connected to this circuit as well as the CFE electrical network and not only to air conditioning.

How much is the minimum of Solar Panels that can be installed in a house?

There is no minimum number of solar panels to install, however, in order to observe savings, the system must be adequately dimensioned. There are two types of interconnected photovoltaic systems; those that use a central inverter for energy conversion and distributed conversion systems (with micro inverters). The latter allow the installation of a single solar panel. On the other hand, central inverters have a lower starting voltage limit; 3 to 4 solar panels are generally necessary to cover this requirement (depending on the power of the solar panel).

How can I know how many Solar Panels can fit on my roof?

A survey must be carried out where the true dimensions of the roof are recorded, as well as all the equipment that may represent an obstacle or cause some shading on the solar panels. With this information, the design of the system is carried out and the exact number of Solar Panels that fit in a roof is determined.

Does installing Solar Panels pose any risk to my electronic devices?

No, since the function of the inverter is to connect to the existing electrical network in the home. Likewise, the necessary electrical protections are installed to avoid any disturbance to the network and therefore to your electrical appliances.

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