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Photovoltaic energy systems completely isolated from the electrical grid.

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15 years of experience installing photovoltaic systems.

#1 in Energy Storage

Leader in energy storage in the southeast of the country.


We made the 1st 100% GridIndependentBlue Planet Installation in the southeast.


Product warranties of up to 15 years of useful life per battery.

Minimum maintenance

Coupling electrical network and emergency plant

Get power anywhere

Safe and reliable equipment

16 kWh

12 kWh

8 kWh

Modular growth

Fully expandable

Your Partner in Independent Energy

We are the leading energy storage company in the southeast of Mexico.

Maintenance and cleaning

Energy control in the palm of your hand

To ensure the maximum performance of your Ecocentro Photovoltaic Investment, our maintenance team will review the proper functioning of your solar panels and your energy storage system with your remote monitoring system, in addition will help you to track & carry out scheduled cleanings.

Battery Monitor


Energy Independence

To provide the most rigid mounting possible, we use high-quality products to ensure a safe, durable installation that does not affect the integrity of your roof or waterproofing.

Secure your investment

Uninterrupted power for more than 22 years

Secure your investment with an ally that offers you high-fidelity products and guarantees that support their operation over the years. At Ecocentro, our BLUE PLANET battery systems are designed to last up to 22 years with a 15-year brand guarantee.

Anchoring and mounting systems

The most reliable backup system in the world

Blue Planet Energy's premium battery system are for those who desire a flexible and superior energy storage experience. Blue Planet solutions effortlessly accommodates energy storage from a variety of sources.

Anchoring and mounting systems

Guarantee your savings

To provide the most rigid mounting possible, we use high-quality products to ensure a safe, durable installation that does not affect the integrity of your roof or waterproofing.

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What can I connect to my #GridIndependence system?

Practically any equipment that works with electrical energy, the ideal is always to make a dimensioning to meet your specific needs.

How long can the installation take?

Each of our PV Installations is different, however our average start-up time is approximately 15 days (regardless of the signing of agreements with CFE).

The process is the following:

1. First contact and sizing.
2. Lifting.
3. Delivery of economic proposal and plans.
4. Signing of contracts.
5. Installation (3 to 5 days on average).
6. Start of procedures with CFE to obtain a bidirectional meter.
7. Meter change.
8. Start up.
9. Delivery of guarantees.

What happens if a hurricane comes?

Certified mounting systems can withstand wind speeds of up to 177km/h which is equivalent to a category 2 hurricane, however it is always advised to disconnect the photovoltaic system and remove all solar panels as windblown debris can reach to hit a solar panel with the risk of being damaged.

What factors does the performance of my solar panels depend on?

Climatic and environmental conditions, such as high temperatures; the correct orientation and inclination of the panels, the correct electrical installation and the technology used to manufacture a solar panel are the main factors that determine a low or high performance of these devices.

That's why we recommend that you carry out your photovoltaic installation with high-quality products and with a Solar Energy Partner with the experience, certifications and necessary infrastructure.

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