What is a Solar Panel?

These days, hearing about solar panels is much more common than before. Climate change has led us to evolve and look for other energy alternatives that are non-polluting and cheaper. 

Surely, it's crossed your mind to switch to solar energy and use solar panels as a means to save energy and a lot of weights, but do you know what a solar panel is? If your answer is no, don't worry, here we'll explain. 

The Solar Panel is the device responsible for capturing the solar radiation emitted during the day and then converting it and taking advantage of it as electric energy. In other words, it is a kind of piggy bank that captures the radiation generated by the sun and with the help of an inverter or a microinvertsor, we will talk about them in other vlogs, manage to transform it to electric energy that you can use at home.

Commercial solar panels can contain 60 or 72 cells depending on their dimensions and the amount of energy they generate is measured in Watts. The more Watts your EcoCentro photovoltaic installation has, the more you save. 

Now you know what a solar panel is and how it helps you generate big savings in your light consumption. 

I hope you've learned something new. If you would like us to answer any specific questions, please let me know through our social networks.

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